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The Alice TLK-10 Talkback Station has been designed for instant communication between studios, newsroom and other technical areas. Each unit has 10 individual push to talk buttons, allowing individual selection of destinations, and a talk-to-all talkback stations feature allowing communication to all talkback stations simultaneously. Incoming talkback illuminates the sender's button for ease of reply. The Talkback Station is fully compatible with the Air 2000 2010 Talkback Module.



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Two TLK-10 talkback stations, or Air 2000 2010 talkback modules, can be connected directly to each other. For more than two units you will require a TLK-CCU - central connection unit, capable of connecting up to ten talkback stations/modules.


The TLK 10 is a 2U 19' rack mount unit with a depth of only 95mm to allow easy installation into studio acoustic tables. Push to talk buttons can be easily labelled using dry transfer markers, or can be engraved at time of manufacture by Alice for an additional charge. The Alice TLK-10 has a speaker control located on the front panel.

A 9-way D-type connector carries logic signals for muting of external monitoring systems or the internal talkback loudspeaker. Complicated wiring is avoided by the use of quick to install twisted pair ribbon cable between each station. Ribbon cables fitted with 34 way connectors at both ends can be supplied to order. Contact Alice for more information. Mains input is via an IEC fused connector. The TLK-10 is supplied with a 2m mains lead and an eight year warranty.


Technical Specification
Mains voltage specification: 230v AC 50Hz 10VA (115v available to order)
Dimensions (mm): 445(w) x 95(d) x 88(h)
Weight: 2.35kg