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Series A

Series A The Alice Soundtech Series A is a fully-equipped yet easy-to-use professional audio mixer. Users worldwide have found its features ideal for use in a diverse range of applications, from professional local radio through hospital broadcasting to production studios and audio-visual work. The solid construction and clear, functional layout of the Series A also make it a fine choice for educational establishments and field operations.

High-performance circuitry is used throughout to achieve very low levels of noise and distortion. Main inputs and outputs are electronically balanced for easy connection to either professional or semi-pro equipment, and all input modules are fitted as standard with VCA control from their 100mm faders, eliminating scratchiness and extending the life of the faders many times over.

The huge flexibility inherent in the Series A allows virtually any user requirements to be satisfield with off-the-shelf modules. Choosing from a range of six frame sizes, holding from six up to twenty four input modules, the customer is free to pick any combination of modules from the following :

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Stereo Line - Stereo Input Module
Mic / Mono Line - Microphone / Mono Input Module
Telco - Telephone Input Module
Output Module - Stereo Output Module

also available

Broadcast Meter Pod
Script Tray
Blank Modules

All modules are stove enamelled RAF Blue Grey Eggshell