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The Alice Prodrivers are a range of high performance 1U rack mount balanced line drivers. All outputs use Lundahl audio transformers to achieve unparalleled levels of output balance and isolation. These highly respected devices offer optimum audio performance on the electronic output stages, with the additional advantages of transformer balancing.

Up to six outputs are available, each capable of driving a 600ohm line. Inputs are electronically balanced for compatibility with both balanced and unbalanced sources, and each has an individual gain control accessible through the front panel.


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Ideal for use in electrically noisy environments, where the presence of large common-mode signals degrading the performance of purely electronic equipment. Applications for the Prodriver include audio distribution within large buildings, transmitter feeds or the driving of landlines or other long cables.

Three versions are available, the Prodriver 2 is a single stereo/dual mono version, the Prodriver 4 is a dual stereo/four mono version and the Prodriver 6 is a three stereo/six mono version. Inputs and outputs are via Neutrik XLR connectors and the mains input is via an IEC. The Prodriver range is supplied with a 2m mains lead and an eight year warranty.


Technical Specification
Inputs impedance: 20k ohm
Output impedance: 600 ohms
Audio Performance
with 0dBm output 1Khz unless otherwise specified
Gain: -10 to +10dB
Phase shift: <6 degrees (100Hz - 10kHz)
Distortion (THD): <0.005% (1kHz)
<0.03% (100kHz - 10kHz)
Noise (unweighted): <-90db
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz +0dB/-0.1dB
Common mode rejection: >50dB
Max signal level: +26dBu at input
Max output level: +21dB into 600 ohms
Output imbalance: <-90dB (1kHz)   <-70dB (100Hz - 10kHz)
Speaker output: 10+10 watts into 8 ohms  6+6 watts into 16 ohms
Mains voltage specification: 230v AC 50Hz 10VA (115v available to order)
Dimensions (mm): 445(w) x 165(d) x 44(h)
Weight (boxed): 2.4kg