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The Mix-Minus-Pak allows the generation of a clean feed from mixer output minus the telephone fader, producing a feed suitable for a telephone hybrid. The unit takes the mixer output and a tap from the telephone fader and out-phases the telephone signal, thereby removing it, producing an output equivalent to the mixer output minus the telephone fader. A multi-turn preset is provided for adjustment of cancellation null. A Band pass Filter of 300Hz to 3.5kHz is provided as standard on the output to pre-condition the signal to the telephone hybrid. Full frequency range versions for ISDN use can also be supplied. Any number of units can be connected to allow generation of multiple feeds for conference calls.

Housed in a convenient 1U aluminium case, the Mix-Minus Pak can be free standing, easily mounted into a woodwork system, or fitted into a rack with use of the Alice Rack-Panel. Audio inputs and outputs are via Neutrik XLR connectors and mains input is via an IEC.

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Technical Specification
Inputs impedance: 20k ohms balanced
Frequency response: 300Hz - 3.5kHz (band pass filtered)
Common mode rejection: >60dB
Noise: -100dB (+ 8dBu output)
Distortion (THD): <0.005% (1kHz +8dBu input)
Max input level: +25dBu
Output impedance: <1 ohm balanced and floating
Max output level: +25dBu
Mains voltage specification: 230v AC 50Hz 3VA (115v available to order)
Dimensions (mm): 379(w) x 134(d) x 55(h)
Weight (boxed): 1.10kg