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Matchamp XTX131 Mic Amplifier

The Matchamp XTX131 is a very high-performance, state-of-the-art balanced microphone amplifier module which achieves a noise performance which is typically less than 0.5dB from theoretical Johnson noise when used with 150-200ohm microphones. The device achieves this high perfomance by eliminating the need to employ an input transformer and offers improved frequency response, noise performance, distortion, signal handling and common-mode rejection ratio over typical transformer microphone input stages.

The improvement in common-mode rejection makes the device particularly useful for location recording and outside broadcasts where high levels of interference are common. The device achieves 40dB to 50dB better CMRR than most transformer designs at high audio and low RF frequencies. An RTF filter circuit is incorporated within the device which gives further interference protection. The fully encapsulated module is extremely small (30x20x15mm) and is PCB mountable with 0.1" spaced pins.

The Matchamp XTX 131 is also available as a ready-built and tested mic amp card with connections via an 8-pin Molex-type connector (mating connector and 4k7 ohm reverse log gain pot supplied). Gain range 10dB to 60dB.

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Technical Specification
Supply voltage: 15 to 20DC
Current consumption: 16mA per rail
Max input level: 24dBu
Max output level: 23dBu
Minimum load impedance: 600 ohms

Performance at 60dB gain with 150 ohms source and 18V supply
Relative input noise:: -13.3dB (30Hz - 15kHz)
Common mode rejection ratio: 105dB at 10kHz
Distortion at 0dBu output: 0.006% THD




30(w) x 20(d) x 15(h)

55(w) x 38(d) x 20(h)