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The Alice DA10-2 is a one stereo pair in, ten stereo pairs out, high performance audio distribution amplifier allowing one stereo source to be split to up to 10 different destinations, with no loss of audio signal level or quality. The input gain is adjustable via a multi-turn preset accessible through the front panel. Outputs may be individually unbalanced without affecting gain, allowing any combination of balanced or unbalanced equipment to be driven.


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The Alice DA10-2 distribution amplifier is housed in a 1U 19" rack mountable aluminium case. Inputs and outputs are via a 38 way EDAC/Varelco (38MP) connector and the mains input is via an IEC. The DA10-2 is supplied with a 2m mains lead.


Technical Specification
Inputs impedance: internally selectable 20k ohms 
or 600 ohms balanced
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz 0.2dB
Common mode rejection: 60dB typical
Phase shift: <1(20Hz) <5 (20Hz)
Noise: -100dB (RMS 30Hz - 15Hz, ref +8dB output)
Distortion (THD): 0.006% (1kHz +8dBu output)
0.02% (10Hz +8dBu output)
Max input level: +28dBu
Gain: -10dB to 20dB
Output impedance: <1 ohm balanced and floating
Minimum level: 600 ohms
Max output level: +26dBu into 5kohms
+24dBu into 600ohms
Mains voltage specification: 230v AC 50Hz 20VA (115v available to order)
Dimensions (mm): 445(w) x 165(d) x 44(h)
Weight (boxed): 2.2kg